Random Thoughts – 2016

August 3, 2016

Here we go again. Today is a new day. Happier and peace-filled. Since the last post…whew…I wouldn’t even know where to start. Life has been the Kingda Ka of roller coaster rides. If you’ve ever been on that ride or anything similar, than you already know. If not, let’s just say I’ve been holding on for dear fucking life. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually I have been tested and most if not all of it was based on the choices that I made past and present. Now that my head is out of my ass and I learned mindful skills that have helped me cut the shit, life is…better.

AWARENESS changes everything. To quote, Melvin Britton-Miller from Momentum Education in NYC: “When you don’t know, what you don’t know and don’t even know that you don’t know”…the storm hits hard, rocks your whole entire shit, then subsides to reveal the sun and subsequent rainbow – ahhh CLARITY.

Back on my creative grind…I challenged myself to be creative and produce something…any damn thing, daily for the next 100 days. Today makes the 9th day of that commitment using Instagram as my platform.

In 9 days I have doubted my ability to stay on course, my artistry and my level of engagement. Typical shit: “Who do I think I am?”, “No one cares!”, “I’m doing the most.”, “WTF, was I thinking?”

Vulnerability is both my strength and weakness. The interesting part is that I don’t share this with the most important people in my life so while I would have no issue divulging any and everything in hopes that my challenges and story might reach another human. I am forced into secrecy to protect others. That way of BEing is very inauthentic and foreign to my nature, but whatever. So, instead of diving into just how quickly sugar can turn to shit. I’ll go high level on my happy.

The Shine:

Oct 2015 – June 2016: Invested in self w/ real money (that’s a big deal for me) to receive training to become a certified Life Coach. Loss over 20lbs. Trusted the process of mental and emotional wellness and found my happy.

May 2016: Contract ended abruptly for my sweet wfh gig (FUCK!) Old gig rehired me with a new job title and $20Gs more than when I left the first time around. Independently published “The Hood’s Still Beautiful” by Ty N’J.

June 2016: Wrote a letter to my father to redefine and improve our “see you when I see you/talk to you when I talk to you” relationship.

July 2016: Chose love AGAIN (time will tell…and I mean that in the most optimistic way possible)

August 2016: Still growing, learning, moving forward, redefining, trying, pushing, and loving.

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